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The Importance of Tipping

Tipping is an interesting topic to discuss because there seem to be so many different opinions on whether it should be done, how much should be given, and who should be tipped. If you have found yourself wondering whether or not it even matters anymore, then continue reading to learn about the importance of tipping and be sure to visit Steel City Pizza in Mount Pleasant to experience the best local pizza.

Human Connections

Research has indicated that servers who put smiley faces on receipts earn bigger tips. The truth isn’t that people are tipping more for the smiley face; rather, they are tipping more because it felt good to give to another human being with whom they shared a personal interaction. Often, the joy of tipping, or giving, is more rewarding for the giver than the recipient. Again, this boils down to the importance of connecting with other human beings. At Steel City Pizza in Mount Pleasant, our priority is our customer service, and we hope that you experience great connections with your servers every time you come in!

Serving the Server

At restaurants in America, most people are well aware that the servers are not paid a true minimum wage due to something called a tip credit. Essentially, restaurants are allowed to pay their employees a smaller minimum wage since they are expected to make up the difference in tips. This knowledge prompts many guests to tip good servers more than the expected amount, which used to be 10% but is often 15 to 20 percent these days. Most people appreciate when they receive good service and want to say thank you in a meaningful way through their tip. 

Servers Can Influence Their Tip Amount

Every good server has found ways to make their customers happy so that they can increase their chances for a bigger tip. From upselling desserts and drinks to establishing social rapport, there are a number of ways that servers try to earn more money. As we said earlier, human connections are very important, and servers recognize that the more they can do to connect with you during the short time they have, the more likely you are to want to respond in kind with the tip you leave for them. 

Tips Reward Great Service

You’ve probably had a few experiences with servers who did not do a good job, and those experiences might have influenced your decision to tip more highly when you received great service. Whether you have worked in the restaurant industry or not, you probably appreciate just how hard servers work to provide fast service in a friendly and helpful manner. Tips are a tangible way to show your server just how much you appreciated their hard work to make your meal enjoyable.

At Steel City Pizza in Mount Pleasant, we always work hard to make sure that each of our customers, both in-store and carry-out orders are completely satisfied with their meals and their service. For the best local pizza in the low country, be sure to stop by Steel City in Mount Pleasant and join us for your next lunch or dinner.